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What is

The year is 2008. Mrfingg’s brother came over to talk about an internet venture involving a directory. The idea was to have something simple. Something that encompassed all things. I suggested which was not available. And alternative pronunciation was however. The name of that alternative was “fingg”.

At that time I was running my own website teaching photography. During summer on Haight Street in San Francisco I began a vlogging and posting videos to the URL “”.

Seeing that I had an interest in building something on, and that i was spending a lot of my free time working on it, my brother gifted me the URL and fingg was born.

Anything that was of Interest artistically I migrated towards fingg. Shortly after its conception fingg records was started and Chris Jeffries became its first artist.

Eventually, to fund expansion of fingg, my photography training business was auctioned off to rause some funds, and I made my exit.

It was then in 2011 that I began delving back into fine art from which I came.

Part 2 continues tmrw…











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